Based in Hertfordshire, we are both walkers, climbers and adventurers.  We love to escape to the country for any excuse. After many years of hill walking and generally ambling through life we decided to spend a little more time outdoors. Seeing a few of these oddly specific sculptures on our adventures, and being both of a curious nature we did a little digging and found out about trig bagging. At that point the two of us decided that arbitrarily walking to a concrete pillar in the middle of a field seemed like a good way to spend weekends.

Several hills and pillars later we noted that there are exceptional databases to find the pillars, but few descriptions of the routes, the views or most importantly the nearest pubs. We thought we could do a little bit to give back to the trig bagging and general walking communities.  Dragging as many of our friends out as often as we can, and sometimes they even agree to it, we aim to get out most weekends and find our next adventure.

The Blog

Our plan is to offer a little insight into our walks, good bad or indifferent, the gear we choose to use and our other non-trig related outdoor activities. We aim to make finding good trig pillars and deciding which to approach both easy and interesting. There may even be some emus, deer, dogs and any other animals we can find, with nice pictures to top it all off, all taken by us along the way.

We hope you will join us on our adventures, and enjoy our musings.  We love to meet new people and collaborate with others, so feel free to hit the contact us button and give us a shout.  Failing that if you know of any awesome walks that are worth a try, then let us know.

You can also enjoy more of our walking pictures on Instagram at

Sam and Nick at the pillar in Mickleham Down

Nick and Sam