Potsgrove – S7202

Potsgrove Trig Pillar

Potsgrove was our second trig on my birthday (the first being Bow Brickhill), and it remains firmly in second place. In fact, it may be up there with the most boring trigs we’ve yet had the pleasure to come across.

When we picture trig pillars, most of us think of the high hill summits in Britain’s favourite National Parks, but the truth is that most trig pillars are distinctly average. These tends to be lower height, and with less interesting views. Potsgrove is most certainly one of these.

The Walk

Normally I would wax lyrical about the walk in, the many views and features along the way. Sadly, for us, the walk for this trig was a skip, hop and jump. As a roadside trig pillar, it’s possible to park up right alongside it, then quickly nip into the field boundary and find the neglected pillar buried in the hedgerow.

The View

*Sigh*. There is no exciting view to speak of. The trig looks out over the field but it’s nothing special, or worth noting.

View from potsgrove trig pillar

The Verdict

I’m surprised you’re still here! As you can imagine, the verdict for this is low. Perhaps it could be done more justice with a different approach, but there aren’t a lot of options for that bar the standard agricultural rights of way typical of this area.

Nonetheless, it’s a easy roadside bag, close enough to main roads that you can make a quick detour without it impacting on your journey.

Sam Finds trig pillar

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