Golden Cap – S3752

Sam standing on top of the trig pillar at Golden Cap
What a view…!

Golden Cap, the highest point on the South Coast, was an opportunistic bag for us. We were in the area for a wedding, so we decided to bag a coastal trig the morning after, especially since we’ve no other trips to the Jurassic Coast planned this summer.

Some may say this was an optimistic challenge, given the free bar involved on the Saturday night, but we were up early and raring to get going.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t quite playing ball, so instead of the sunny vistas we were hoping for, we got cloudy with a strong chance of rain and zero views. A little disappointing given some of the wonderful coastal landscapes this trig offers on a clear day.

Where to Park

We parked at the National Trust Car Park at Langdon Hill. There’s plenty of parking here, but it is pay and display unless you are a National Trust member (which we’re pleased to say that we are.)

Alternatively, you could park in the car park at Seatown, open from 9am-9pm most days – again, it’s pay and display, and this would have a different walk in along the coastline.

Sam pointing at the sign in the Langdon Hills car park
Checking out the recommended routes

The Walk In

The walk from Langdon Hills is very well signposted, so you would be hard pushed to go wrong. The paths are well maintained through the initial forest section, though the coastal section to Golden Cap would be more difficult for those with less mobility.

Forest gate at Langdon Hill
Take the gate straight out of the car park

Follow the main track out of the left of the car park, through pleasant forest. There’s a gap in the trees on your left a bit further up with great views across the coast, and a bench to stop and take it all in.

Misty coastal view from Langdon Hill
Not the sunny views we hoped for, but at least this photo captured the atmosphere of the day!

Follow round the curve until you see the prominent Golden Cap tribute stone – go and give it a rub for good luck!

Turn left down the hill following the signs for the coastal path. Follow it out of the forest and through the fields.

Hop over the double stile and follow the path up to the summit. It’s a fairly steep incline, but mercifully short. It was muddy here after the night’s rain, so wear grippy shoes or boots if the weather has been wet recently.

Double stile on coastal path leading to Golden Cap

The View From The Pillar

I’m told the view from Golden Cap is fantastic, owing to it’s strong ranking on TrigPointing UK. Sadly, we were shrouded in fog, so could barely make out the lower beach with our naked eye.

Sam at Golden Cap Trig Pillar

The lesson here is to visit on a sunny day, and at least give the morning fog the opportunity to burn off.

Nick at Golden Cap Trig Pillar

The Walk Out

We followed the same route back to the car, a safe bet given the impending rain and the anticipation of a four-hour drive home.

Woodland path at Langdon Hills

That said, if we revisited (and we would) we would take a more circular route encompassing the remains of St Gabriel’s Church or take in more of the South Coast Path. There are plenty of options here, so it’s worth cracking out a map and plotting a route that suits you.

Overall Verdict

We enjoyed the walk, despite the bad weather, though I would recommend that you aim for a sunny day, if at all possible.

We would definitely revisit, and with a good views, this trig pillar deserves it’s high status.

The Route

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