Cambuslang Trigs – Hallside and Spittal Hall – S3909

  • County:  Lanarkshire
  • Nearest Town: Rutherglen
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 1 hour 15 mins
  • Hallside: 46m
  • Spittal Hill: 74m
  • Map: Explorer 342

We decided to spend our Sunday morning bagging a few local trigs. There are quite a few on the south side of Glasgow so we started in the east and picked up a few of the trig pillars around Cambuslang – the two in this post and Dechmont Hill and Turnlaw. We found 3 out of 4 – the first one we went to was no longer there…

Andrew was recovering from a rugby injury, so we did this walk in two sections, but it would be possible to link it all together in a vaguely heart-shaped route, albeit with some long stints on quiet roads.

Where to Park

This route starts in a fairly residential area so there are lots of places to park. We parked on the side of Gilbertfield Road.

From your parking place, find Castle Chimmins Road (fantastic road name which got Chim-Chimney from Mary Poppings rolling through my head) and follow it north until you reach a T-junction.

Hallside (Destroyed)

Turn right and then left, ending up at the base of a tower block. Go down the steps to the main road and turn right before crossing over and taking the next left along next to the park.

Go right at the T-junction and follow the road round a sharp left-hander to the school.

At the north end of the school campus there is a football pitch. The trig used to be there. Look sadly at where the Hallside trig once stood.

Spittal Hill – S3909

Retrace your steps back to the sharp corner and take the footpath between the houses. This brings you out onto Elm Way.

Follow it round, heading for the grassy hill. This was, according to my OS Map, the site of Drumsargad Castle. The views from the top would have been quite good if not for the drizzle…

Continue in a roughly easterly direction and join up with Hallside Boulevard. There’s a roundabout with an exit onto Hallside Road. Follow Hallside Road uphill as it leaves the houses (at last!).

The road reaches a sort-of T-junction at the top – take the track on the right through a broken gate.

There is a blue cycle track sign for East Kilbride. Follow the cycle track south.

The trig pillar is about a third of the way along on the left. Just before you get to the trig there are good views across the open farmland.

The trig itself (Spittal Hill) is in a hedge… continue along the track until you reach the road. Turn right and then take the next left then take the next left (there is a theme here…) and now you are back on Gilbertfield Road, where you may have parked your car! Hurrah!

The Route

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