High Neb Trig Pillar

High Neb – S2157

High Neb was the final trig point in a set of three we bagged in one walk. The other two, Stanage Edge and Stanage Pole include ...
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Sam at Stanage Pole

Stanage Pole – TP7411

At this point, I was very much wishing I had worn a hat. Stanage Pole is our first Intersected Station (as opposed to our ...
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Stanage Edge Trig Pillar

Stanage Edge – S2156

Stanage Edge is an iconic crag in the Peak District, popular with climbers and walkers alike, and with three trig points in close succession, it’s a must do for ...
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Back Tor

Back Tor – S2145

Key Facts Forgive the selfie, we forgot the proper camera Where To Park There are several approaches to the Back Tor trig pillar - ...
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The Roaches Feature Image

The Roaches – S2598

Key Facts Where to Park There is plenty of off road parking at the base of The Roaches, but this fills ...
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Mam Tor Feature Image

Mam Tor – S4230

Key Facts Sam at the top of Winnat Pass Mam Tor is a towering peak rising above ...
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