Bromley Common [Hertfordshire] – S4474

  • County: Hertfordshire
  • Nearest Town(s): Whempstead
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 15 mins
  • Height: 118m
  • W3W: ///lives.hotel.gentle
  • Map: Luton and Stevenage (193)

If you’ve come here looking for the Bromley Common in Kent, I’m afraid you’re in the wrong place but you may appreciate our posts on some of our Surrey and Sussex based trig pillars.

If you’re looking for the lesser known Bromley Common near Whempstead in Hertfordshire, you’re in for a treat (or a very mild walk through farmland to a well-preserved trig pillar.)

We picked up Bromley Common whilst on the hunt for local trig points. This humble pillar is easily accessible on the edge of a field, though you may find parking a little tricky…

Where to Park

Parking isn’t straightforward if you’re looking for a quick bag. We found a clear-ish patch up the road from the farm entrance in the wooded area but BE WARNED – do not park your 2-seater sports car here – it will end badly.

Badly enough, that you may lift at least one wheel off of the floor by partially beaching your car. You may also count yourself lucky not to drive into a stick that is closer to a log than a twig. And finally, you may end up carrying half the forest floor back with you via your wheel arch, resulting a concerning dragging noise every time you turn right whilst your partner expertly informs you that your steering is up the creek (hint: it’s actually just a large twig that you eventually pull out 10 miles down the road.)

All that said, you’ll probably be fine if you have a sensible car and park considerately with the farm access in your mind.

If you don’t mind the longer walk, it should be more straightforward to park in either Watton-On-Stone, Burn’s Green or Whempstead and following the Chain Walk path on an easy to plot circular.

The Walk In

From our starting point just down the road from the Chain Walk pathway and farm access, the walk in is very straightforward. We headed just down the road to join up with the pathway.

Instead of trying to enter through the farm gates, the path is signposted just down the road with a small clearing in the hedge to allow walkers through. It should be noted that this is not wheelchair friendly, but you may be able to access through the farm gates if you can find someone to check with.

The path to the trig from here is straight – just follow it past the farmhouse until you see the trig pillar just inside the field.

The View From the Pillar

You get a pleasant view over the Hertfordshire farmland, going quite far on a bright sunny day, but it’s nothing particularly unique or special.

Nick at Bromley Common Trig Point in Hertfordshire

The Walk Out

We headed out in the same direction as we came, as we didn’t have time for a long walk. However, you could easily turn this into a circular walk, of varying lengths, even culminating in a visit to the pub at Burn’s Green.

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