Camp Hill – S5097

Camp Hill Trig Pillar - S5097

Key Facts

  • County: East Sussex
  • Nearest Town(s): Tunbridge Wells
  • AONB: High Weald (Ashdown Forest)
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Height: 198m
  • W3W: ///column.litters.senses
  • Map: OS Explorer Map (135) Ashdown Forest*
Sam and Nick at Camp Hill

On the same weekend that we bagged Gills Lap we decided to try and nab another trig just down the road.  With Mother and Sister in tow, and the weather on our side a plan was formulated, Camp Hill Trig Pillar.  Unfortunately we had failed to plan where to park.

Where to Park

Despite the appearance of a close by car park on the OS map the easiest place to park for this trig is in the three car lay by on the B2026 (///  If you do go for the nearby parking you will end up with a longer walk along the road without any pavement.

The Walk In

From the lay by you can use the gate next to the lay by to head straight into the forest.  Follow the path to the clearing, be aware the bushes here can get pretty big in the summer time, a perfect hiding place for a Heffalump.

Once in the clearing we headed to the right to try and avoid the big spikey bushes, of which there are lots.  At the edge of the clearing you will find a really large and obvious sandy path.  Turn left and follow the path back past the spikey bushes.  At this point it is advised to wait for your girlfriend who is wading through said spikey bushes in an attempt to save her walking round the edge of the aforementioned clearing.

Camp Hill Trig Pillar
Spot the Trig Pillar

The path heads for a small thicket, once you reach the front of the thicket look left and camp hill trig pillar is easily visible in the long grass.

The View From The Pillar

The view from Camp Hill trig pillar is far better than our previous Ashdown Pillar, viewing out across the valley.  Stepping to each side to look past the thicket of trees gives a great view for miles, or at least in good weather it does.

View from Camp Hill

The Walk Out

The easy option here is to turn tail and head straight back to the car, and this keeps you from having to walk along the road where there is no pavement.  In our infinite wisdom we opted against this and followed the path next to the pillar back down the road.

At the road we turned left and used the grass verge to get all the way back to the car.  Be careful here, not everyone seems to stick to, or in some cases even close to, the speed limit.

Where can you park to access Camp Hill?

There is a useful 3 car lay by one the B2026 with a well placed entrance into the forest right next to the lay by.

When is the best time to visit Camp Hill?

Camp Hill has something to offer year-round. Our favourite time to visit is in late summer, when the heather is in full bloom, adding great colour to the landscape.  As the ground here is mostly sandy, access is still easy through the winter, and an icy day provides a great winter photo

Is Camp Hill dog-friendly?

Yes, you can take your dog to Camp Hill, but the area is popular and there are often many other dogs and people.  The lay by in on a busy roads, and within the forest there is often livestock nearby so keeping dogs on a lead is encouraged. 

What is a Heffalump?

An elephant like creature created by A.A.Milne, only ever encountered in Pooh and Piglets dreams, despite their best efforts to trap one.  Word of warning the term should never be used to describe your partner, no matter how much she jumps on you while you are half asleep

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