Drumcarrow Craig – S4809

We picked up this trig after a day out in St Andrews as a slight detour on our way to Anstruther to eat our own weight in fish and chips. I have plotted the actual route rather than the one we took, which had far more barbed wire and hidden ditches than was perhaps ideal.

Where to Park

We parked up on the side of the road (an unnamed road, always helpful…) but if you set your sat nav to Drumcarro Camping & Caravan Park you should get somewhere close.

The Walk In

The route starts at a gate with a helpful ‘Path to Drumcarrow Craig’ signpost. Follow the path, which winds up the hill giving views out over the surrounding farmland and the sea. The track is an access road to the beacons at the top of the hill. These are a bit unsightly, but you do get fantastic signal! In order to get to the trig pillar itself there is an electric fence to negotiate (cue commando rolling).

The View

The views back towards St Andrews (particularly on such a sunny day) are beautiful, and you can angle yourself so that you avoid the beacons. There are also the remains of a broch (a Scottish Iron Age round fort-type thing) which are worth a look.

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Not a particularly challenging walk, but a nice little leg stretch. It also made me feel slightly less guilty about the mammoth portion of fish and chips we got afterwards at the Anstruther Fish Bar (the queue round the corner was worth it)!


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